• Highly effective fine dust filter with activated carbon impregnation
  • Continuously adjustable output
  • Stylish, simple design
  • Conventient size (25 x 25 x 33 cm, 4,8kg)
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Low energy consumption
    (max 14 W)
  • Quiet during operation
    (max 48 dB)
  • Impressive room performance
    (up to 40 m2)


Performance pur

To enjoy noticeably clean air in offices, practices, laboratories, shops, workshops or classrooms:
ecoprime is the solution.


Pure air

Take a deep breath! Enjoy pure, clean air in your office, practice, laboratory or workshop with ecoprime. Annoying dust or unpleasant odours will no longer bother you. You won’t have to worry about invisible pollutants such as pollen, ozone, bacteria or nitrous oxides. Your ecoprime guarantees the highest quality air.

Noticeably healthy and visibly clean

Ecoprime cleans the air in your room to such a degree that the air quality rapidly exceeds that of the outside air. The benefits are twofold: You protect your health and at the same time you reduce your cleaning costs due to ecoprime having removed dust from the air before it settles on floors, furniture and appliances.

Powerful fine dust filter creates a clean environment

The compact filter device is as small and unobtrusive as a coffee machine. It’s sleek, white housing made of powder-coated aluminium presents a visually discreet solution. The ecoprime can therefore be easily placed in any well-designed, high quality space.

Classic and simple design – Refreshingly clean aesthetics

The ecoprime fine dust filter is made of pure synthetic non-woven materials with activated carbon impregnation guaranteeing healthier air quality. This combination filter is equally effective against undesirable particles, harmful gases and unpleasant odours.

The ecoprime is extremely easy to maintain. An annual filter change is excellant for most uses. The used filter can easily be disposed of with regular household waste. A great additional feature of the ecoprime is energy consumption: even when running at full power the ecoprime consumes only 14 watts per hour. This corresponds to the energy efficiency class A+.


Quality made in Germany.

The ecoprime is a product of aeropur GmbH from Tamm near Stuttgart. We develop and produce high-performance mobile dedusting equipment for the purification of air in industrial companies, service companies, health and education institutions, trade and craft. All products are durable, robust and made of high quality materials according to the industry standard in Germany.